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Invite Nature to your dog’s life

Trust. INdulge. Thrive.

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WHY rawcoo

Guided by nature

We follow our guide, Mother Nature who designed our canines’ physiology and who established what nutritional sources are best for them to thrive.


created by chef

Our Executive Chef sources fresh, unprocessed ingredients only, creates healthy and tasty recipes for meals and treats and prepares them carefully at PetPoint to safeguard all precious nutrients.


Overseen by VetS

At PetPoint Medical Center & Resort, we see hundreds of dogs every week and are well-experienced and equipped to regularly monitor the health benefits of our guests who enjoy the fresh natural RawCoo diet.


Exclusively Fresh Ingredients


Our meals are prepared with fresh ingredients, preserved only with raw apple cider vinegar, enhanced with premium oils and bone powder — free of supplements, exactly how nature intended.


How it Works

1. Consultation

Our veterinarians are available in-person at PetPoint or via phone 7 days a week to assess your dog’s nutritional needs. Regular exams are offered to track the health benefits of RawCoo.


2. personalization

RawCoo is Made-To-Order with the freshly prepared meal of your choice.



Varying recipes provides the benefit of a broader range of ingredients and with fresh foods can be done anytime without transition period.



“Why is fresh cooked and raw the best nutrition for my dog?”

Fresh food is filled with life and is directly proportional to the critical bioavailability of nutrients such as natural enzymes, probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, making them more digestible and more easily absorbed.

Heat, used excessively in processing dry and canned food, is the number one enemy of nutrients. So even if kibble or canned food is part of your companion’s diet, every ounce of fresh food added enhances the quality of your pet’s overall diet.

Keep in mind - the fresher the better, and rotation is optimal.

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Meet our Delicacies

At PetPoint Medical Center & Resort, our chefs carefully source the most nutritious recipe ingredients, using Mother Nature’s guidelines to decide what is best for our guests. Whether raw or gently cooked, RawCoo promotes better health for your pet, from the inside out.


Our famous selection of “Tapaws” are artistically hand-crafted and freeze-dried at PetPoint, using only fresh meats, seafoods, produce, and other fine ingredients.


Our wide selection of meat and seafood delicacies are freshly cut and freeze-dried. Pick your dog’s or cat’s favorites at the Rawbar.

Our packaged single USDA ingredient Snapsare skillfully cut at PetPoint and either dehydrated or freeze-dried with the latest in equipment. They are 100% free of fillers and preservatives.


Our refreshing home-made SorPetos are the highlight of every canine dessert lover.


Cooking for Your Dog Made Easy


Sign up for an exciting and entertaining cooking class at PetPoint!  You will learn from our Executive Chef Tamara, how to prepare our RawCoo recipes and Dr. Kathy will join the class to answer questions about the nutrition, health and the wellbeing of your pet.



My Murphy had a health revolution after the transition to RawCoo. The ingredients look fresh and wholesome and I love the fact that there are no artificial preservatives or supplements.
— Ashley K.

About Us

Hello, I’m Dr. Kathy. Welcome to PetPoint! I am the lead veterinarian, with 18 years of expertise in both conventional and integrative medicine in Southern California.

We are very excited to introduce RawCoo, our own line of fresh natural dog nutrition, created and prepared at PetPoint by Tamara, our Executive Chef. With hundreds of pet guests visiting PetPoint every week, we experience the essential benefits of a fresh and natural ingredient diet.  Building a commercial kitchen for the creation of a healthy nutrition line of delicious meals and treats came naturally to us. We are proud to be the first such center in the US.

PetPoint is a family owned and operated premier Pet Care Center that offers everything for your pet’s health and wellbeing including conventional medical and holistic care, nutrition, resort boarding, daycare, salon, and training.



VMD - Medical Director and Owner

Dr. Kathy grew up in Denver, Colorado, completed her undergraduate studies in Animal Physiology and Neuroscience at UC San Diego and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Kathy furthered her passion as a veterinarian by becoming board certified as a Diplomate in Canine and Feline Practice by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners in 2010.

Throughout her career Dr. Kathy has always been an advocate of unprocessed nutrition and encouraged pet parents to at least mix fresh and natural ingredients into their pet’s diet. Fascinated by the Holistic Chinese philosophy of nutrition, Dr. Kathy is now pursuing certification as a Veterinary Food Therapist (CVFT) by the prestigious Chi Institute.



Executive Chef, Nutrition Manager

Focusing on the creation and development of balanced, cutting edge nutrition, Tamara is an experienced Executive Chef and Nutrition Consultant. For more than 20 years, she has successfully helped individuals live better lives with wholesome nutrition and has been an integral contributor in high volume commercial kitchens while managing fully staffed multiple locations.

While providing oversight with PetPoint's nutrition strategies, Chef Tamara is managing our commercial RawCoo food production, teaching cooking classes, providing nutritional counseling, meal planning and expanding our community outreach.

Chef Tamara graduated from California State University Long Beach with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Therapeutic Recreation.